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The Latest Production Progress for Scotland Project(I)

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How is the production of Scotland project going?


Let’s see:

 #2 5tons drum


welding work1# 5tons drum

From these pictures we could see the production is going very well in our factory, the main parts of the drums and the steeping vessel have been finished. If you want to know more information about this project, just contact us when free.


How is the automation of this malting project?

Yingtai drum malting system is with high automation function thats you only need to input malting recipes, and the steeping, germination and kilning process will be working automatically. Also, these recipes could be design, input, modified, stored and printed. So if you want to have one malting line as automated as possible, and use as little labor as possible, you could consider our machine.


If your guys are very familiar with malting work and process, you could use your own controls. If not, you could use our company control system. They are flexible for Yingtai company.


Whats Yingtai main malting equipment?

For craft malting projects, the main malting equipment or the hot sales machine is drum malting malting system in the size of 2tons, 5tons, and 10tons, not provide Saladin box, because drum malting system will be much more cost-effective in terms of energy saving and product consistently quality.  


Numbers of germination-kilning drums and relevant annual capacity

Size of malt house




2 tons barley/batch

110 tons barley;

88 tons finished malt;

220 tons barley;

176 tons finished malt;

330 tons barley;

264 tons finished malt;

5 tons barley/batch

275 tons barley tons;

220 tons finished malt;

550 tons barley tons;

440 tons finished malt;

825 tons barley tons;

660 tons finished malt;

10 tons barley/batch

550 tons barley;

440 tons finished malt;

1100 tons barley;

880 tons finished malt;

1650 tons barley;

1320 tons finished malt;


Do I need to install one 5tons malting system or 10tons?

Some our customers always have this questions, they dont know to install one 5tons malting system or 10tons malting system when they expanded the malting capacity from small batch of floor malting or tanking malting or saladin malting. We would like to provide some information from the required space room and investment and annual output for you reference:


>> Space room required

2* 5tons drum malting system: 30000 * 12000* 6500mm

2* 10tons drum malting system: 32000 * 16000* 7000mm


>> Investment required (full system)

2* 5tons drum malting system: 48****USD

2* 10tons drum malting system: 63****USD


>> Annual output (0.8 malt rate)

2* 5tons drum malting system: 440tons finished malt

2* 10tons drum malting system: 880tons finished malt


(This system could expand to the final three drums and use the same one steeping tank, gas burner, control system, save you much investment)


Yingtai is a professional supplier on the malting and roasting systems, with the rich experience and malting knowledge, sincerely hope we could help you on the malting business. If you need any support or solutions, just let us know.



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