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10Tons Drum Malting System Completed Successfully for Germany Malthouse

Views: 62     Author: Edith Wei      Publish Time: 2022-11-10      Origin:

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After one years effort, Yingtai team finally completed the production of five drums for Germany customer on time. Strict quality requirements in every details make this system look very spectacular.

10Ton Drum Malting System 1 

As for the project beginning that the Germany customer with his team visited us in 2019 and we showed them our factory drum malting system and a big domestic malting project. During their visit period, we had a good communication and in the past year 2021, we also had many video meetings to discuss the project details together.


This is a family company throughout more than 100 years, from a small mill to an IFS certified mill with flaking and roasting line. Since 2003 through reorganization from an artisan company into today enterprise. Today their sales ca 17000 tons /year. Sustainable development, Traditions mixed with Innovation. Their commitment to quality is based on a functioning, sustainable raw material concept as a guarantor for reliable and consistent quality.


Finally, thanks to every ones efforts and cheers for this project!



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