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Drum Craft Malting System

The drum malting system is state-of-the-art and is specifically designed for the craft brewing/distilling industries. It will help you to be able to produce highly consistent products. It will allow you to collaborate with brewers/distillers and store “recipes” specific to their requirements.

The kiln has the ability to reach temperatures (266℉ or 130℃) higher than most so that you can produce some special malt without needing to perform an extra process. It allows for full clean out weekly enabling you to change your batch characteristics quickly and to maximize the diversity of your products. 
   Number of germination-kilning drums and annual capacity (66 batches)
 Size of malt house 1 2 3
 2 tons barley/batch

132 tons barley;

105 tons finished malt

 264 tons barley;

210 tons finished malt;

 396 tons barley;

315 tons finished malt;

 5 tons barley/batch

330 tons barley tons;

264 tons finished malt;

660 tons barley tons;

528 tons finished malt;

990 tons barley tons;

792 tons finished malt;

 10 tons barley/batch

660 tons barley;

528 tons finished malt;

1320 tons barley;

1056 tons finished malt;

1980 tons barley;

1584 tons finished malt;

Note: (-) tons barley*0.8 (malt rate)*batches (total production days in one year/5days);
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