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Traditional Malting System

A. Saladin Box

Saladin box malting systems are designed for large production. The maximum annual malt output for traditional Saladin malting systems is 50000 ton.
Two designs are available:

● Circular type

● Rectangular type
Main Parameter
● It can achieve automatic control.
● It has long material conveying, and large temperature difference in malt layers in germination and drying box. Through process adjustment we can help you to control the malt quality effectively

B. Tower Malting System

Tower malting system is currently more used for large malt production. The largest tower malting system we provide is 700 tons/batch, the annual malt output can reach to 1800000ton.

Three designs are available
● Whole tower type
● Half tower type
● Tile tower type

Main Parameter
● High automation
● Low energy consumption
● And short material conveying distance.