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  • Challenges and rewards greet Alberta craft maltsters

    Value-added ventures beckon families back to the farm Members of the Hamill family toast the success of Red Shed Malting with glasses of whisky made from malt barley grown on the family’s Red Deer-area farm. From left to right: John, Susie, Matt, Joe and Daelyn Hamill. Photo: DAVID DINAN, HOT SHOE S Read More

  • 茨城・木内酒造 自社工場で麦芽製造 ウイスキー事業強化

    創業200年を迎えた老舗酒蔵の木内酒造(茨城県那珂市鴻巣)は、同県石岡市東大橋に建設している製麦工場を今月下旬に稼働する。ビールやウイスキーで必須の大麦や小麦などの麦芽を、自社工場で製造。今年は年内に約96トン、その後は年300トン以上の麦芽を製造していく予定で、国産ウイスキー事業などを強化していく。 新工場は石岡市にある同社の「石岡の蔵」敷地内に新設。麦を発芽させる加工「製麦(モルティング)」をする工場で、製麦のためのドラム式とフロアモルト式の2種類の設備をそろえる。 ドラム式は、一度に5トンの麦を大量に加工できる。最適とされる18~25度の温度で発芽させ、乾燥を行う。 フロアモルト式 Read More

  • U.S. Barley Representatives Travel To China, Meet With Top Importers, Craft Beer Stakeholders

    China, the country with the world’s largest beer industry, is dominated by large producers making typical lager-styled beers. However, there is also a relatively small but growing craft beer industry emerging. Last week, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) sent a team to China to learn about demand and c Read More

  • We Tested Our 5T*1 Drum Malting System for Our Australian Customer

    We Tested Our 5T*1 Drum Malting System for Our Australian CustomerWe tested our 5T*1 Drum Malting System for our Australian customer with real 5t barley in April. Everything was smoothly and now the system is ready for shipping. Our customer will receive his goods quickly to achieve his "Malt Local Read More

  • Shipping of Australian 5t*1 Drum Malting System

    Shipping of Australian 5t*1Drum Malting System Read More

  • Caramel For Brewing

    Caramel in the Brewing Process A valuable brewing ingredient for more than a century, caramel contributes to the character of beer on every continent. Caramel provides color, flavor and consistency to beer. It also has applications in a variety of related products, including cider and non-alcoholic Read More

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