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Micro Craft Malting System

The micro malting system is state-of-the-art and is specifically designed for Malting Laboratory Analysis, Pilot Malt Plant and Seed Research Institution for craft malt study to the brewing/distilling industry.
• Steeping-germination Unity Box : Each box is equipped with 8 steeping-germination vessels (0.8-1kg/vessel). The unity box is equipped with a set of independent air supply (with frequency conversion) system for temperature adjustment (using heat exchange coil) and humidity adjustment (increasing the humidity of the supply air) to adjust the temperature and humidity inside the box.

• Kilning box : It is equipped with 8 drying vessels (0.8-1kg/vessel), set of drying heating system (drying fan with frequency conversion), a return air regulating valve, can set the ratio of return air to fresh air according to process requirements .
• Water supply system : It has a water storage tank, a water supply pump, circulating water pump and a water heater. Provide suitable temperature water for steeping and germination. The system has an inlet connected to the tap water and a drain to the sewer.

• Automatic control system : The industrial computer is equipped with a set of 20-inch LCD screen, 1 set of PLC, 1 set of PC monitoring software, Pt100 sensor, water level sensor and other supporting automation facilities.
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