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  • 200kg/batch Drum Roasting System|Specialty Malt Maker|Craft Beer & Brewing

    Specialty Malt – Yingtai Drum Roaster | Craft Beer & Brewing Read More

  • Will You Attend 2023 Craft Malt Conference?

    The 2023 Craft Malt Conference is expected to have approximately 200 craft malt industry members in attendance and Yingtai company advertisement will be there in front of them. Celebrating 10 Years is the theme for the Craft Maltsters Guild’s 6th Annual Craft Malt Conference this March 16-18 in Port Read More

  • 10Tons Drum Malting System Completed Successfully for Germany Malthouse

    10Tons Drum Malting System Built for Germany Malthouse Completed Successfully After one year’s effort, Yingtai team finally completed the production of five drums for Germany customer on time. Strict quality requirements in every details make this system look very spectacular. As for the project be Read More

  • Wheat Malt

    The principle of wheat malt production is similar to that of barley malt: The protein content of wheat should be controlled below 11%, and wheat with higher protein content is used only in special cases. The wheat steeping degree should not be too high, and the wheat steeping degree should be about Read More


    In 2022, the Craft Maltsters Guild gave three scholarship recipients the opportunity to attend the Craft Malt Conference and join the Guild as members for the year. These scholarships were enacted by the Guild’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion task force. Among the recipients was Rwanda’s first bre Read More

  • Choose good barley to produce malt

    Appearance and color: The well-harvested barley should be shiny and light yellow; the immature barley is slightly green;Smell: Good barley has the scent of fresh straw, and when it is slightly heated, it emits a barley scent; damp and moldy barley has a musty odor, and its germination ability has be Read More

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