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MaltCon2024 Promalting Makes It All Possible!

Views: 29     Author: Sophie Cui     Publish Time: 2024-02-24      Origin:

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MaltCon2024 Promalting Makes It All Possible!


The MaltCon2024 (Craft Malt Conference) has been held successfully today (22-24, February 2024) in Davis, California, USA! What a wonderful time to brings together university, agriculture, malt, and beverage professionals from across the globe in malting field! ⁠



Our French Partner-Jean (A VOS MALTS) attended it on our behalf. He owns our 3*10t Drums+200kg Roaster, who is responsible for our potential customer’s communications and sharing his own using experience about our malting system. You can find him at the No.1 table in the next door.



Also, we are so delighted and appreciated that the speaker Dr. Xiang S Yin met with our French partner at the conference. “We spoke about various very interesting topics. That is great to make friends passionate about the same topic.” said by our French partner.


Dr. Xiang S Yin has more than 20 years of strategic development and working experience worldwide, including Canada, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He is a Fellow of IBD and a Past President of ASBC. Now he is Corporate Quality & Innovation in Boortmalt. He will give the Speech-Sustainable Malting at 4:00PM | SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24. He recently authored Malt, the first book in the new ASBC series Practical Brewing Science, known as the “Encyclopedia of the Malting Industry” and “Gold Mine of Malting”.


Growing with your industry will be a wonderful thing! To you, also to us! Hope we can help you achieve your Malt Local and Drink Local dream come true!








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