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New Saladin Box Malting System

New type of Saladin is Germination&Kilning COMBO malting system (only need standard plant building without civil work compared with traditional malting system) for light malt production.

It is very important to pay attention that the system can be enlarged up to three germination-kilning box and use the same steeping system, kilning ventilation system and automatic system. It means that it will reduce the additional investment cost of additional box. Right now we are providing the malting system in the batch of 5tons and 10 tons of barley. 
  Numbers of germination-kilning boxes and relevant annual capacity (66 batches)
 Size of malt house 1 2 3
 5 tons barley/batch

330 tons barley tons;

264 tons finished malt;

 660 tons barley tons;

528tons finished malt;

 990 tons barley tons;

792 tons finished malt;

 10 tons barley/batch

660 tons barley;

528 tons finished malt;

 1320 tons barley;

1056 tons finished malt;

 1980 tons barley;

1584 tons finished malt;

Note: (-) tons barley*0.8(malt rate)*batches (total production days in one year/5days); 
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