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1T Tank Malting System Successfully Tested for Our Denmark Customer!

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We are glad to announce that our 1t/batch Tank Craft Malting System has successfully completed the testing from 19th-26th March, 2022 for our Danish customer!  Our 1t/batch malting system is specially designed for distilleries and breweries. It's Steeping-Germination-Kilning-Roasting all in one unit vessel. As it occupies space small and its highest kilning temperature can achieve to 130° so that you can make some special malt sometimes.

Our client is from a very famous distillery in Denmark. Our cooperation is very happy and smooth! After the test, our customer was very excited and couldn't wait to work with his malting machine! And said “”Thank you for making my dream come true!” This is a great honor and we are grateful. If you also have the dream of malting your own barley, please follow our lens to see the testing situation.

It generally takes 6 days to make malt, 1 day for Steeping (wet&dry steeping), 4 days for germination, and 1 day for Kilning. Pls check the pictures as follows:

1 Steeping_副本2 show white spots after Steeping_副本3 Turning to provide Air and exhaust Co2_副本4 Germination_副本5 Kilning_副本6777388e59f09deef010d500f7fce79613938658fe842cf3b1dc49203cc0fb08f6247641f4cd83474e9cef8d2bbe0

If you want to malt your own barley and make your dream come true, just feel free to contact us!

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