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2* 200Tons/Batch Distilling Grains Fermentation/Kilning System Finished for Moutai Distillery China

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In China, Moutai Distillery is very famous because of the best quality of Chishui River and it’s distilling technology with more than thousands of years. Moutai produced 50,000tons of Moutai base liquor, and 25,000tons of series base liquor in 2020. This means more than 100,000tons grains (wheat and sorghum, etc) will be distilled every year, but how to dispose of these waste distilling grains? It will be one big problem for most distilleries.


In order to protect our environment and realize the comprehensive utilization of Moutai's waste distilling grains, the company invested nearly 800 million yuan to acquire about 650 mu of land in Erhe Town, 20 kilometers away from Moutai Town, and plan to build a Moutai Circular Economy Technology Demonstration Park. That is, through the resource treatment of the waste distiller's grains of Moutai, the production of medium-grade sauce-flavor liquor; at the same time, the waste distiller's grains are transformed into protein feed by the biological conversion method.


Yingtai was very glad to win this bid and started this cooperation with Moutai on the waste distilling grains project in last year. Two 200tons/batch fermentation/kilning systems will be installed in the Moutai building soon, each room diameter will be 29meters. Annual capacity will be 100,000tons.


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It will be meaningful things to build an organic circular economy technology demonstration park, because this will make more distilleries to realize the comprehensive utilization of the distilling grains, create a circular economy and truelly achieve green return.




-- Edith Wei





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