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Congratulations on the Success of 2023 CMC

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As you know, the 2023 CMC ended successfully, it was really a very professional conference in this craft malting field. Many of our customers attended it in person or online. Did you attend it this year?   

2023 Craft Malt Conference 1 

Conference attendees were invited to participate in pre-conference tours of Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, ME, and Blue Ox Malthouse in Lisbon Falls, ME. Allagash has long been a huge supporter of Maine-sourced ingredients, craft malt included. Blue Ox team just won two Malt Cup awards and soon they will operate one roaster system from our company to make more special roasted malts for their local breweries and distilleries.


The most impressive session was the Malt Cup Awards, CONGRATULATIONS to all of the 2023 Malt Cup winners! Thanks to the craft malthouse efforts on the exceptional malt quality!



Root Shoot Malting

Hogarth Malt

Five Field Farm


Admiral Maltings

Root Shoot Malting

Blue Ox Malthouse


Root Shoot Malting

Gallatin Valley Malt

Wyoming Malt


Root Shoot Malting

Miller Malting

Blue Ox Malthouse

 2023 Craft Malt Conference 4

The Yingtai ProMalting line of craft malting systems give today’s rapidly growing craft malt market the platform and technology to meet the latest production requirements, plus offers a solid foundation for future growth at a competitive price investment. The entire line of malting system is designed around maintaining the highest level of automation, while delivering be-in-class levels of production efficiency, throughput, reliability and simplicity.


Hope our craft malting system can provide more solutions during your malthouse business development, especially the expansion stage!


Looking forward to the 2024 Conference next year!




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