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How the Malt Grows in the Germination Stage?

Views: 43     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-22      Origin: Site

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Once the barley has been steeped for 32 hours after completion the steeping process, we transferred them into the germination and kilning drum unity vessel in order to allow the barley grow firstly. During this time, we will keep the barley in controlled conditions such as controlling the temperature and humidity of the drum vessel, so that barley could grow well as expected. Usually the germination stage will last minimum 4 days. Below photos help you better know the malt grows in different day time.

Day 1_副本 

Day 2_副本

Day 3_副本

Day 4_副本 

With germination almost completed, showing the green malt with its longer roots growth!


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