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Pilot Run of 10Tons Drum Malting System for Canada Malthouse

Views: 21     Author: Edith Wei      Publish Time: 2022-08-07      Origin:

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In this hot summer day, the pilot run for RXX SXX MXX malting system started from yesterday. True 10 tons barley fed into the steeping vessel, how many water will it need? How many gas will it need? Maybe it’s not problem for one malthouse, but for us, one manufacturing company, it’s not easy. We need to solve many problems and find many solutions, especially to test one system which not have all the equipment for one complete system. 

As we know, malting involves 3 steps. To make quality malts, every step is very important. 

Step 1: Soaking barley, or maybe wheat, rye, or other grains if you need, this step also is known as steeping to awake the dormant grain by through switch wet steeping and dry steeping. Clean water, aeration and extra CO2 that’s we need to provide. 


Step 2: Transfer grain from steeping vessel to drum to allow their germination in the comfortable environment. Flat malt layer can ensure air could be go through from the bottom evenly.


Step 3: Heating or kilning the malts to produce their final color and flavor. In this step, we will reduce the grain moisture content and stop their germination process. At the first stage, we will keep the air temperature cool to dry the grain without causing the enzymes to denature. As the grain dries, we can raise the incoming air temperature to further dry the grain. During forced drying the humidity of the air coming from malt bed drops, you can use some warm air as return air. During the last few hours of kilning the air temperature raise to above 80 °C, high temperature of kilning also produce the colour in the malt through the Maillard reaction. If the malts grow very well in step 2, then the kilning time will be shorten. In the previous testing, we only spent 18 hours to finish the whole kilning process.

Finally the kilned malt is cooled down then discharged from the drum to the deculmer and then package to craft breweries, distilleries, etc.


Currently, Yingtai can provide you one complete malting system from screening, feeding to the package, it’s real turn-key system you can get. We are looking forward to see more craft malthouse will be built in all over the world, just like craft beer spread through the whole world.



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