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Shipping of Australian 5t*1 Drum Malting System

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Shipping of Australian 5t*1Drum Malting System

After tested with real 5t barley and well treatment of equipment, our Australian 5t*1 Drum Malting System had been shipped.

It’s estimated to arrive to our customer’s workshop after about 1 month later. Our customer is looking forward to his drum baby’s arriving excitedly! Can you feel his mood also? Pls check pictures as follows:

10t Drum Malting System-4_副本

Pls check our models and annual capacity as follows:

Here are Models and Capacity

Numbers   of germination-kilning drums and relevant annual capacity

Size of malt house




2 tons barley/batch

110 tons barley;

88 tons finished malt;

220 tons barley;

176 tons finished malt;

330 tons barley;

264 tons finished malt;

5 tons barley/batch

275 tons barley tons;

220 tons finished malt;

550 tons barley tons;

440 tons finished malt;

825 tons barley tons;

660 tons finished malt;

10   tons barley/batch

550 tons barley;

440   tons finished malt;

1100 tons barley;

880 tons finished malt;

1650 tons barley;

1320 tons finished malt;

Note: malt rate: 0.8.

If you want to malt yourself of your local barley for local beer and whisky, just feel free to contact us. We can help your dream come true!

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