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Yingtai Is Making the First Trail Run of 10T Malting System for A New Brewery Malthouse

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Today Yingtai started to make the first normal trail run for the 10T malting system by feeding 10000kg barley to produce one batch malts. Lets see how this work going on:

Steeping 2


Why does Yingtai do the huge work of trail run?

- Its obviously that our engineers couldnt travel to oversea countries freely as before due to the COVID 19 still circulating through the human population. So we need try to find all the potential issues at our factory before delivery.

- Usually the malting systems what we provided for our users are one complete system project, they are different with a single machine like beer fermentor. We need to be sure all parts of this system could be worked coordinately when they arrived at the customers site.

- Yingtai is a company who is responsible for their equipment quality, none of one company like us feeding 10000kg barley just only to make a trail run of the system. What it cost not only water, electric, gas, but also huge of time for workers from assembling to disassembling.  


So Yingtai company not only pursues to provide good price ratio to quality and technology, but also good after sales services.We are honest with every customer and also hope more people could enjoy the advantages of Yingtai malting equipment, like:


- Quality of stainless equipment: thickness of material, welds...

- Good sizing and technical choices : air path from rear to the front, turning gear, pipes

dimensions and insulation...

- Good after sales services and advice

- Good brands of electrical equipment (Electric valves, Siemens VFD, PLC and breaker...)

- Easy to assemble and accuracy of technical drawings

- The supply of spare parts

- The very good automation software

- Very easy to extend

- Good price ratio to quality and technology

- Overall: very nice steep tank and drum


To build one new craft malthouse starting from scratch, we know how long journey it will be, but we should not miss this revolution because more and more people start to think about the malt in their beer: what craft malt does for beer that big malt wont.



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