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Congratulations to Our French Customer for the Arrival of 10t*2 Drums!

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We are very happy that our French customer's 10t*2 drums finally arrived at our customer's factory after almost 3 months of transportation. Next, we are about to start the busy guide installation work!

French drum arrive-1

French drum arrive-2

Our French customer runs the first 10t drum in 2020, and expands the 2nd and 3rd drums after more than 1 year of smooth operation. After installing these 2 new 10t drums, our French customer’s annual capacity can achieve about 1600t/year, mainly supplying high-quality malt to local breweries and distilleries.

French 2020运行第1个滚筒

And our customers have also installed our Roasting System, which can make special malts with various flavors like smoked malt, crystallized malt, etc., to add different colors and flavors to the beer. And our customers have also established their own laboratories to accurately check for customers, so the business is getting better and better, and it is very influential in the local area!

Frech Roaster-1Frech Roaster-2Frech Roaster-3Frech Roaster-4Frech Roaster-5

We look forward to our customers doing better and better. At the same time, we will continue to help and support our customers on the road to success! Our tomorrow is bound to be better! We will support everyone who has a dream! Local Barley - Local Malt - Local Beer/Whiskey!





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