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How New Malthouse Thrive Difficult Pandemic time?

Views: 22     Author: Edith Wei      Publish Time: 2022-07-19      Origin:

Today we would like to share something about one malthouse located in Cynthiana, KY, Kentucky’s first (and currently only) craft maltster. RT Case (right) and his dad Butch (left) are a two-man family run operation growing and malting barley and other small grains for craft brewers and distillers throughout Kentucky. They also source grains locally from other growers for some of their malts. 


At the year of 2018, RT came to China visited our factory and told us his plan about the malting. One 2 ton drum malting system was manufactured and then shipped at the end of that year, this is one whole turn-key malting system. In order to provide better and timely guide service, two engineers were dispatched to RT factory to spend three months to help him install, commission and running the system. 

At the year of 2020 he was still in the start up phase of the operation and attended the craftmalting conference at February 2020. He’d just began selling malt commercially. Then the pandemic happened. You can imagine how challenging that scenario would be for any new business. So it made us very happy to see and hear how RT’s malthouse is thriving these days. 


“Malt sales are very good right now! As quick as I can make a bat it is sold out.” That’s really very happy to hear this from RT, and he even has plans to expand in the near future.


If you are interested, just take a little trip to explore more about craft malts!




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