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Malting Like a Pro!

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Malting Like a Pro!


Last month, one 10Tons drum malting system was testing with a successful batch malt production. More videos and pictures if you are interested, just contact us at any free time you have.

craft malt 

Regarding this testing, its a Unbelievable Double Guarantee for our customer: All equipment will be connected in line according to the confirmed layout after production finished. Import barley, water, air, electricity and fuel will be provided to the malting line for simulate customer on-site production. It means that the customers malting line will produce one batch of malt in our factory before shipping. In the process, we will invite the customer to come to our factory for learning and inspecting his malting line and he will have a full understanding to his malting line. And this way also guarantee all equipment mechanical and electrical parts can work correctly and smoothly and all potential issues can be resolved in our factory before shipping.

craft malting 

High Automationis a very important part for a new malting plant to save workers: our Computer PLC control system allows the customer to input the different recipes and then the steeping, germination and kilning process will follow selected recipe to finish its process. This way will can also guarantee your malt quality will be almost consistent. Recipes can input, stored, copied and printed and you can also check the process curve.

craft malt germination 

So if you want to start a malting system or on the way to start a malting system, you are not alone on this way, because we have done a lot of work for your coming. Now you could easily to find our successful projects in the world, like France, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. All projects which we have done are pushing a way for your coming because your system will be the most updating systems based on all projects experience and feedback.


Malting Like a Pro! Pro will make your malting much more professional and simple!







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