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Pilot Run of 10Tons Craft Drum Malting System for U.S Customer

Views: 25     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-05      Origin: Site

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Last month, we just did the pilot run for one our U.S customer by feeding 10Tons barley to produce one batch malts. Malts grew well and kilned process also very good, see:

Sprout from barley  Germination Day 3-2 Kilned malts

Why we do the pilot run for customers, because:

1. During the pandemic, our engineers couldn’t be dispatched to customers’ factory to provide guide service timely.

2. Different requirements for every customer, like different voltage, different motor, and some special requirements on the system, so we need to inspect these changes.

3. We will provide you the testing electric cables, setting cable tray path and provide cable trays(stainless steel) , this should be charged if you purchase malting system from other suppliers. Pilot run can help us inspect whether the wire is correct connect or not, and most wires will be putted on the equipment after ending the pilot run and package with the equipment together, only few needs you connect terminal. So when you received the system, just need to plug to the back of control cabinet according to the tage number, this can make electric work easy.

4. Every pilot run will cot us lots of time, energy and manpower, but we insist to do it just hope questions can be founded and solved at our factory, so that users can run it early and smoothly.

This is not the first time that we do pilot run for oversea customers, and also will not the last time.



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