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Shipping of 10 Ton Drum Malting System to Uruguay Brewery

Views: 162     Author: Sophie Cui     Publish Time: 2022-04-18      Origin:

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EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A DREAM… Do you agree? Let's look at the success story of our Uruguayan client.

“If you don’t get an idea out of your head, don’t stop working until you get it. We start by sounding in 2007, assembling our equipment by hand, since back then it was impossible to get them in Uruguay, our macerator was an old copper water heater, and the energy was used to boil the wort came from a clay oven made by us.”

This is how our Uruguayan client started his brewery career. After several years of development, our client has not only won many awards, but also the brewery has continued to expand, and now his beer has been sold overseas! Developed to a certain scale, as the most famous brewery in Uruguay, our customers began to want to make their own malt and became the first person to develop craft malt in South America!



After countless screenings, comparisons and verifications, our customers finally identified our company 10t*2 drums malting equipment! I believe that only Yingtai( can really use 10t barley to test the machine for customers. Only under the epidemic can we truly guarantee that everything goes smoothly to our customers!Pls check the testing pictures as follows:








We are happy that his malting equipment is finally going across the ocean to find him, and this will be a very beautiful model project we have done in South America! Let us wish our Uruguayan customer to receive and install the goods and benefit him earlier, becoming a very influential person in the local area! Pls check the shipping pictures as follows:






If you also want to make local barley-local malt-local beer, our malting equipment will undoubtedly help you succeed! Please let me give you a brief introduction.

The drum malting system is state-of-the-art and is specifically designed for the craft brewing/distilling industries. It will help you to be able to produce highly consistent products. It will allow you to collaborate with brewers/distillers and store “recipes” specific to their requirements.
The kiln has the ability to reach temperatures (266℉ or 130℃) higher than most so that you can produce some special malt without needing to perform an extra process. It allows for full clean out weekly enabling you to change your batch characteristics quickly and to maximize the diversity of your products. 

Here are Models and Capacity

Numbers of germination-kilning drums and relevant annual capacity

Size of malt house




2 tons barley/batch

110 tons barley;

88 tons finished malt;

220 tons barley;

176 tons finished malt;

330 tons barley;

264 tons finished malt;

5 tons barley/batch

275 tons barley tons;

220 tons finished malt;

550 tons barley tons;

440 tons finished malt;

825 tons barley tons;

660 tons finished malt;

10 tons barley/batch

550 tons barley;

440 tons finished malt;

1100 tons barley;

880 tons finished malt;

1650 tons barley;

1320 tons finished malt;

Note: malt rate: 0.8.

So, if you want to build your own malting system in your country, just feel free to contact us! Let us believe in the life motto of our Uruguayan clients: EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A DREAM…Pursuing dreams is part of our philosophy and led us to build this path that we enjoy madly... INSPIRE YOU SO THAT THAT DREAM THAT IS IN YOUR HEAD COMES TRUE! Cheers!




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