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Shipping of 1Ton Tank Malting System to Japan Brewery

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Last year, Japan craft brewery KXX BREWERY purchased one 1000kg/batch Micro Tank Malting System from our company Laizhou Yingtai Machinery Co., Ltd. This is one company with a long history time, it was established in 1823. Craft beer production began in 1996 after a change in Japanese law governing micro brewing. A number of KXX's products seek to combine European beer-making technology with traditional Japanese brewing techniques; for example, its XH Hitachino Nest Beer is matured in shochu casks. Their Hitachino Nest Beer is popular in more than 50 countries, and their brewers are pursuing a Japanese craft beer that can only be brewed in KXX Brewery.

To cooperate with KXX is very pleasant experience, this also will help Yingtai to support more craft breweries do their quality craft malts. More photos of the malting system pilot run and loading are shared here:  


Germination Day 3 -2_副本

Kilning 1



I know there will be many people are interested in the 1000kg/batch malting system, here I also shared some information about the product introduct, see:

The BCM1000 is one system equipment used for malt production automatically, it allowing the malting process steeping, germination and kilning to be performed in the same unit one, no need grain transfer and equipment cleaning before finished. Batch feeding is 1000kg.

The process management and the malting recipes including malting time, temperature, etc. could be setted by your workers, with PLC control system, it could run according to the recipes.


1) Air could be distributed evenly through the malt bed;

2) With water spraying function for the steeping, germination and kilning process;

3) Highest kilning temperature could be up 130°C which provide the possibility for you to produce a wide range of malt;

4) Air tight duct and vertical tank structure could allow you high saccharificatio temperatures without reducing green malts humidity during caramal malt production;

5) This malting system is designed for malting barley or wheat but also could be used for other grains. In order to handle small grain, the tank can be setted with narrow wire mesh panels which suitable for the grain diameters of 1mm or larger;

6) The malting system is equiped with reliable operation data monitoring.

If you want to know more information, like the technology, Yingtai company or videos, just let me know. We can provide more support! Cheers!


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