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These are related to the craft beer news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in craft beer and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand craft beer market.
  • Wheat Malt

    The principle of wheat malt production is similar to that of barley malt: The protein content of wheat should be controlled below 11%, and wheat with higher protein content is used only in special cases. The wheat steeping degree should not be too high, and the wheat steeping degree should be about Read More

  • Choose good barley to produce malt

    Appearance and color: The well-harvested barley should be shiny and light yellow; the immature barley is slightly green;Smell: Good barley has the scent of fresh straw, and when it is slightly heated, it emits a barley scent; damp and moldy barley has a musty odor, and its germination ability has be Read More

  • Mid-Autumn Festival

    The joyous Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, around the time of the autumn equinox. Many referred to it simply as the "Fifteenth of the Eighth Moon". The festival is based on the legend of Chang'e, the Moon goddess in Chinese mythology.The Mid-Autumn Festiva Read More

  • From barley to malt

    The malting process is mainly divided into three steps: steeping, germinating, and Kilning, which is the process of making barley into brewing raw materials in order to provide the necessary natural nutrients for yeast fermentation. As the seeds germinate, the internal composition of the barley begi Read More

  • Shipping of 1Ton Tank Malting System to Japan Brewery

    Shipping of 1Ton Tank Malting System to Japan BreweryLast year, Japan craft brewery purchased one 1000kg/batch Micro Tank Malting System from our company Laizhou Yingtai Machinery Co., Ltd. Read More

  • Why Craft Beer Is Turning to Craft Malt

    You love your hops, but whether you’re a brewer or craft beer aficionado, ask yourself this: When was the last time you thought about the malt in your beer?Probably never, but it’s time to give malt the respect it deserves. With the number of craft maltsters increasing in this country — there are cu Read More

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