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Wheat Malt

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The principle of wheat malt production is similar to that of barley malt:


  • The protein content of wheat should be controlled below 11%, and wheat with higher protein content is used only in special cases.

  • The wheat steeping degree should not be too high, and the wheat steeping degree should be about 43%. The wheat soaking time is 40-50h, which is determined according to the water temperature and the characteristics of the wheat variety.

  • Wheat germination is prone to heat, especially wheat with high protein content. Therefore, the thin-layer low-temperature germination method should be used, and the germination temperature should be controlled at 13-16 °C.

  • The germination period of wheat is shorter than that of wheat, and generally 4 days of germination can reach the required solubility of wheat.

  • In the late stage of wheat germination, after withering operation, it can achieve good dissolution.

  • The kilning temperature of wheat malt should not be too high, and it should be dried at a low temperature of 35-40°C under the condition of plenty of ventilation. At the same time, stir for several times. After the green malt is dehumidified, the temperature is raised to 70-75°C, dried for 2 hours, and finally baked at 80°C for 2-3 hours.



As an auxiliary material, brewing beer generally only uses 5-10% well-dissolved wheat malt to improve the mellowness and foam performance of the beer. Due to the high protein content of wheat, it is necessary to strengthen protein decomposition to make wheat malt.


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