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Choose good barley to produce malt

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  Identify good barley, produce good malt

  • Appearance and color: The well-harvested barley should be shiny and light yellow; the immature barley is slightly green;

  • Smell: Good barley has the scent of fresh straw, and when it is slightly heated, it emits a barley scent; damp and moldy barley has a musty odor, and its germination ability has been lost.

  • Inclusions: Good barley does not contain other grains, grass seeds, clods, gravel, etc.

  • Variety purity and grain uniformity: Excellent barley has variety purity, and is not mixed with barley of different varieties, origins and years; single variety of barley also requires uniform and tidy grains in order to germinate uniformly.

  • Characteristics of barley skin: fine barley, with thin skin and fine grain. 

  • Wheat grain shape: The grain shape and fat and short and the wheat husk content is low, the extract is high, the protein content is low, the germination is fast, and it is easy to dissolve.

  • Protein content: The protein content of barley is generally between 9% and 12%. Generally, the content of barley for making light-colored beer is less than 11%, while the content of barley for making strong-colored beer can be slightly higher (11.5%-12.0%)

  • For the systematic evaluation of barley samples, in addition to the above, it is necessary to comprehensively test the quality of the stone, the weight of thousand kernels, the uniformity, the germination rate, and the water absorption capacity. 




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