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Shipping of 1000 Kg Craft Tank Malting System to Denmark Distillery

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Adventure, Passion, Pursuit of the Ultimate" is the label of our Danish customer.

“Adventure voyages on open-top boats, encounters with hungry polar bears, wolves, and emergencies in the Arctic Ocean in Eastern Siberia..." Isn't that a cool experience?Countless visits at the coast of the Arctic Ocean, where several illegal “micro distilleries” have produced their version of vodka, the so-called “jungle brew”, gave our customer' idea of his own distillery in Northern Jutland – today this idea has become a reality. He acquired experience as distiller through journeys and visits in Germany, Russia, and The Nordic Countries.



Our customer uses only the best raw materials, which are carefully selected, sorted and hand-processed throughout the production process to ensure the best tasting experience for his customers. With the development of the distillery, our customers began to seek his own malting equipment to make malt, so that it can truly realize his desire to control the quality of his products from the beginning. Just under such a background, our 1000kg/batch Craft Tank Malting System which is specially designed for distilleries and breweries came into the eyes of our Danish customer.


Our 1000kg/batch Craft Tank Malting System is a system equipment for the malt automatic production, which allows steeping, germination, kilning, and roasting operations in the same container unit, without the need for a transfer and equipment cleaning in the intermediate process. It’s compact, efficient, and simple in use. Its annual capacity is 44t/year. The malting system is state-of-the-art and is specifically designed for the Maltsters, Brewers, Distillers, Bakers, Farmers, and Millers.

The process management and the malting recipe (including process time, temperature programmed etc.) are determined by the operator of the plant. The system will run according to the recipe. The kilning temperature is as high as 130 °C, providing the possibility to produce multiple varieties of malt.

After production and testing with real 1000kg barley, our customer said to me that “Thank you for making my dream come true! I can't wait to work with it!” I think that only Yingtai (Laizhou Yingtai Machinery Co., Ltd) ( can really test the machine with barley, so as to reassure customers and ensure normal operation at the customer site, especially in such an epidemic environment.


Finally, our customer's 1000kg malting equipment has been shipped, and we are happy for the customer. After the equipment arrives, we will fully guide the customer on installation and production. Hope our 1t malting equipment can help customers produce malt sooner.


If you also want to make your own malt, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will also help you realize your desire and dream of pursuing high-quality malt!


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