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What Kinds of Malting Project Yingtai Could Provide for You?

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Many friends has a question what kinds of malting project does Yingtai Machinery could provide for their new malthouse? So we want to write this article to talk with you about Yingtai and it’s projects.


Laizhou Yingtai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of professional malt equipment suppliers, can provide you with an annual output of 1000 tons to 150000 tons of malt production line. It adopts to drum type, tower type, Saladin type of malting process.

Drum type germination: annual output from 1000 tons to10000 tons;

Saladin type germination: annual output below 30000 tons;

Tower type germination: annual output below 150000 tons.


Project Case:

图片3U.S customer 2Ton malting machine_副本



>> What kinds of malting system we should choose?


- Financial;

- Available Factory;

- Potential Customers;


Yingtai team will provide you detailed quotation proposal based on your current situation and development in the future, in order to build the suitable malting system with you together.


>> Should we give up our malting dreaming during this period of Covid 19 spreading in the world?


Craft beer still have a positive development even through we are still be in the period of Covid 19, local beer demand increased higher than before, this improve maltster’s confidence greatly. So you will find many new malt houses were built in the past year, and some projects in planing stage move forward.


Yingtai team always be here, to provide you more engineering service and consulting solutions!


Speak out your dream, one day it will come true!




-- Edith Wei





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