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Yingtai Craft Malting System - Always Provide More Solutions for Users

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Malt is one of the most essential ingredients used in producing craft beer, and it's often called "the soul of beer", "no craft malt, no craft beer". Where the good color, aroma, and flavor of the craft beer comes from? It is malt. Although there are varieties of grains have been used for brewing, barley is the preferred grain for beer. We usually called the process as malting which converts the barely into malts.


There are three steps of the malting process: Steeping, Germination and Kilning. Soak the barley into a property water for 24-48 hours to awaken the dormant grain by increase it's water content is the first step. Next, the barley will be allowed to germinate and sprout by adjust the air temperature and wind flow. Finally, we heating or kilning the malts to produce the final color and flavor.  

10tons for Uruguay project


At present, the craft malting system what we are mainly producing is drum type, not Saladin, because factory is too busy no more time to design new systems. The size is 2000kg, 5000kg, 10000kg per batch, below form will help you to decide one suitable annual capacity system.


Numbers of germination-kilning drums and relevant annual capacity

Size of malt house




2 tons barley/batch

110 tons barley;

88 tons finished malt;

220 tons barley;

176 tons finished malt;

330 tons barley;

264 tons finished malt;

5 tons barley/batch

275 tons barley tons;

220 tons finished malt;

550 tons barley tons;

440 tons finished malt;

825 tons barley tons;

660 tons finished malt;

10 tons barley/batch

550 tons barley;

440 tons finished malt;

1100 tons barley;

880 tons finished malt;

1650 tons barley;

1320 tons finished malt;


Any thoughts, no matter to build one new malting plant for breweries or distilleries, just let me know. Yingtai malting system could help you produce quality malts always.


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